Workplace Violence and Harassment
June 5, 2012 Read Time: < 1 minute

As you know from our previous article (located here) in Condo Law, Bill 168 brought amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act – respecting Workplace Violence and Harassment. Those amendments apply to all organizations that hire “workers” (which includes most condominium corporations). Under these requirements, the organization must:

  • Conduct a risk assessment of potential workplace violence or harassment scenarios which could affect a “worker” in the “workplace”.
  • Establish policies to address such risks. [Policies must be in written form and, in some cases, posted.]
  • Develop and maintain a program to implement the policy.
  • Protect against domestic violence if there is a possibility that domestic violence would likely expose the worker to physical injury may occur in the workplace.
  • Provide training.
  • Disclose information as needed in accordance with the policy and Bill 168.

We have prepared a template policy which can be tailored to a given condominium corporation. Please contact any of us in the Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP Condominium Law group if you would like to receive that template.

We have also prepared a template Rule, dealing with violence and harassment by non-workers against non-workers (which is not covered by the above-noted policy). Many condominium corporations may also wish to consider such a Rule.

For additional information, please feel free to contact James Davidson,, 613-231-8243

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