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You’ve separated from your spouse, now what? The questions just keep coming, what will you do? Where will your kids live? How will you divide your property? Who is going to pay for what? It also may not be something you have the stomach for. It’s ok. You may have other options.

In her article titled; “Separation: There are Alternatives to Going to Court”, author Marta Siemiarczuk has outlined some of the options available to help separating couples like you and your spouse resolve their issues outside of court. These options include negotiation, mediation, collaborative family law and private arbitration.

Before starting down the path of any dispute resolution process; whether it is a court proceeding or one of the alternative processes; it is important to speak with a family law lawyer who can help you choose the process that will work best for you and your family.

Click here to read Marta Siemiarczuk’s full article on Separation: There are Alternatives to Going to Court.


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