Jill Lewis interviewed on the CBC about extended parental leave
November 10, 2017 Read Time: < 1 minute

Our very own Jill Lewis was interviewed yesterday by the CBC, discussing the changes to extended parental leave proposed in the 2017 Federal Budget.

The proposal allows parents to take an extended parental leave of up to 18 months. The benefit rate for extended leave will be 33%, compared to the existing rate of 55% for 12 months.

Jill talks about the positive aspects of the proposal, but also the fact that it only applies to federal employees. So until the provinces step up, it won’t be an option for the majority of Canadian employees.

She also highlights the fact that the proposal does not provide extra benefits, and many families would struggle to get by at the lower benefit rate of 33%, which amounts to around $362 a week.

Jill was also quoted in a recent CBC article, and spoke about the changes on CBC radio.

To learn more about this proposal, take a look at Jill’s previous blog post Extended Parental Leave – Who Does it Benefit and What Do I Need to Know?.

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