Long-Term Disability: Can You Make A Claim After Your Employment Ends?

January 28, 2019
Blog Post

Have you been injured while insured under your employer’s group benefit policy, but only realized the extent of your injury once you were no longer an employee? In this situation, can you still make a long-term disability (LTD) claim? Yes, you can. MacIvor v Pitney Bowes is a 2018 Ontario insurance case concerning the interpretation… Read more »

Update To Cannabis Law In Workplaces – What’s New?

December 21, 2018
Blog Post

Whereas the SFOA previously applied only to medical cannabis, it now applies to cannabis generally.  The distinction between medical and recreational cannabis has been dropped. The SFOA prohibits only smoking cannabis or holding lighted cannabis in “enclosed workplaces”. “Enclosed workplaces” is defined in the SFOA as follows (emphasis added): “enclosed workplace” means, (a) the inside… Read more »