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On March 25th, we launched our free COVID-19 Employment Law helpline. Since then, we have helped hundreds of people whose employment situations were affected by COVID-19 navigate their options and understand their rights.

Today, we are expanding our helpline to provide free assistance to employees in Ontario related to their human rights in employment. Nelligan Law is standing in solidarity with the Ottawa community to help eradicate racism in our community. We recognize that one of the largest issues facing Black, Indigenous and other marginalized groups is systemic and direct discrimination they face related to their employment.

The goal of our helpline is to provide individuals with information related to systemic and direct discrimination they may be experiencing on hiring, in their workplace or after their employment has ended.

That said, the helpline is not just confined to questions of relating to racial discrimination. Individuals with questions about discrimination related to any human rights grounds under Ontario’s Human Rights Code can call to speak with one of our legal professionals.


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