A legal timeline of 2SLGBTQ+ Rights in Canada

August 24, 2020
Blog Post

In August, Nelligan Law and the City of Ottawa are celebrating Capital Pride. 2SLGBTQ+ rights have come a long way in Canada. Our Family Law group has created a timeline that revisits key legal decisions and events that have contributed towards progression 2SLGBTQ + rights in our country. While progress has been made, it is… Read more »

Dividing Your Property After Separation

July 23, 2020
Blog Post

After separating, married spouses have the right to apply for an equalization of their respective net family properties under the Ontario Family Law Act. A married spouse also has this right when the other spouse dies. On death, the surviving married spouse may elect to equalize family property instead of receiving any bequests left to… Read more »

Separation during Coronavirus:  Can I? Should I? What are my options?  

May 7, 2020
Blog Post

The pandemic has changed all aspects of our lives. Many families are reporting significant increases in stress due to social isolation, confinement, financial trouble and lack of familiar resources. For many, any weaknesses in spousal relationships have been tested to the limits resulting in an increase in those considering separation and divorce. Just as COVID-19… Read more »

When Family and Business Matters Collide

April 20, 2020
Blog Post

Are you getting married or living common-law? Maybe you’re on the other side of the relationship spectrum, and getting separated or divorced? If either you or your partner owns a business or part of one, there are some legal issues that you should know about.

Is the Court still hearing family law cases during the pandemic?

April 14, 2020
Blog Post

Please note the court system’s response to COVID-19 is continuing to evolve. The information in this blog post is current as of April 14, 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many parts of our society to be put “on hold” indefinitely. Our court system is no exception; like other institutions, its operations have been dramatically… Read more »