Separation Agreements through Mediation: Frequently asked Questions

July 23, 2021
Blog Post

Since at least 1983, Ontario family courts have encouraged and upheld out-of-court processes wherever possible. Finally, in 2021, the federal Divorce Act and the Ontario Children’s Law Reform Act were amended to encourage separating couples to try alternative dispute resolution before they start a court action. Mediation is one of the dispute-resolution techniques that they… Read more »

Common Law Pension Entitlement

July 6, 2021
Blog Post

Read as Family Lawyer Ira Marcovitch breaks down the question of pension entitlement in a common-law relationship: I was in a common-law relationship for 13 years. We have 2 children together. He is taking out his $100,000 union pension and returning back to Ireland for good. Am I entitled to half of his pension? Entitlement… Read more »

Is Mediation Right for You?

June 30, 2021
Blog Post

Given the increasing cost of family law litigation – not to mention the acrimony that accompanies the court process – many Canadians are seeking alternative avenues for resolving parenting and financial issues arising from their separations. Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, is becoming increasingly popular across the country, with mediation as the top choice of… Read more »

A legal timeline of 2SLGBTQ+ Rights in Canada

June 11, 2021
Blog Post

2SLGBTQ+ rights have come a long way in Canada. Our Family Law group has created a timeline that revisits key legal decisions and events that have contributed towards progression 2SLGBTQ + rights in our country. While progress has been made, it is still important to recognize that there is a large gap between legislated rights… Read more »

Dividing Your Property After Separation

July 23, 2020
Blog Post

After separating, married spouses have the right to apply for an equalization of their respective net family properties under the Ontario Family Law Act. A married spouse also has this right when the other spouse dies. On death, the surviving married spouse may elect to equalize family property instead of receiving any bequests left to… Read more »

Separation during Coronavirus:  Can I? Should I? What are my options?  

May 7, 2020
Blog Post

The pandemic has changed all aspects of our lives. Many families are reporting significant increases in stress due to social isolation, confinement, financial trouble and lack of familiar resources. For many, any weaknesses in spousal relationships have been tested to the limits resulting in an increase in those considering separation and divorce. Just as COVID-19… Read more »