Ghostbusting In the Family Law Group!
November 1, 2016 Read Time: < 1 minute

There was definitely something strange in our neighbourhood on Monday morning!

Green slime covered walls and doors. Caution tape blocked off a significant section of the desks and offices in the family group area. Reports of slimers and fantômes on the loose in the 50 O’Connor building…

So who we gonna call?

Lucky for us, the entire Family Law team came to work dressed for Halloween as Ghostbusters! The lawyers donned their proton packs, ready to do battle with all manner of poltergeist, spook and ghost (that is, the Family Law staff!). They were so convincing as a team of Ghostbusters that they won our Halloween Costume Contest! Well done, team. Check out the photos below!

So, if there’s something weird and it don't look good, now you know who to call. The Family Law Group!

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Service: Family Law

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