Special and Extraordinary Expenses – the Cost of Back to School Shopping

September 12, 2013
Blog Post

If you pay child support, or are the recipient of child support, you likely know that things like sporting equipment and some school fees are considered as special or extraordinary expenses. These are commonly referred to as section 7 expenses in accordance with the Ontario Child Support Guidelines, and are generally shared in proportion to each party’s income. If parents cannot agree on what these expenses are or how to share them, a court will inevitably decide for them.

Child Protection – A Hard Act to Balance

September 4, 2013
Blog Post

Recently, there have been some thought provoking parenting cases in the news. In some cases, it is obvious that children are in need of protection, but in other cases, you have to wonder whether the court is interjecting prematurely. Child protection workers and judges are faced with making these unenviable choices on a regular basis.

Who’s My Mommy?

August 14, 2013
Blog Post

It may not be easy to answer the question because the definition of mother under Canadian legislation has not kept pace with the scientific possibilities that now exist.There are a multitude of arrangements that can be made through surrogacy agreements, donor agreements, or other parenting agreements or declarations to address this issue. Will the validity of these agreements be supported by our courts?