Assisted Human Reproduction Act: Recent updates on reimbursement to donors and surrogates

February 27, 2020
Blog Post

On June 9, 2019, the federal government tabled regulations pursuant to the Assisted Human Reproduction Act detailing what will be considered an appropriate reimbursement to donors of reproductive material and to individuals acting as surrogates. Nelligan Law gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Kris Ade, Student-at-law, in writing this blog post. The regulations, which will come… Read more »

What is “income for support purposes”?

December 19, 2019
Blog Post

When it comes to child support and spousal support after separation, determining each spouse’s income for support purposes is the first step. Although this may sound straightforward at first (I mean, we all file our annual taxes, right?), it can involve quite a detailed examination of each spouse’s sources of income. In a nutshell, “income… Read more »

Does child support end when a child turns 18?

November 7, 2019
Blog Post

Not necessarily. Child support is based on a child’s level of dependency, not just their age. In many cases, a child’s entitlement to support will extend for several years after they reach the age of majority. Who is a “child” for child support purposes? Two pieces of legislation govern child support in Ontario: the Family… Read more »

Retroactive child support after age 18

August 16, 2019
Blog Post

I’m 18 and my dad never paid child support. I was wondering if I can sue him for the money? The payment of child support is one of the most common areas of contention arising from the breakdown of a marriage or familial unit. In Ontario, child support is governed by a combination of the… Read more »

Common Law Pension Entitlement

July 31, 2019
Blog Post

Read as Family Lawyer Ira Marcovitch breaks down the question of pension entitlement in a common-law relationship: I was in a common-law relationship for 13 years. We have 2 children together. He is taking out his $100,000 union pension and returning back to Ireland for good. Am I entitled to half of his pension? Entitlement… Read more »