Mind the Gap – What Happens When Details Are Missing From a Settlement?

June 6, 2017
Blog Post

Arbitrations can be fairly informal proceedings. Efforts to settle arbitrations are often more informal still. All participants recognize that a settlement is usually better than completing the hearing, even if everyone leaves the table a little dissatisfied. But what happens when there is an agreement on all or just about almost all of the essential terms of a settlement? Everyone is happy, right? Not always. Sometimes there is no settlement at all.

Women Without Heels and Full Makeup Need Not Apply

April 6, 2017
Blog Post

In recent months, there has been significant international media coverage on differential treatment of men and women with respect to workplace attire. What rights do unionized employees have with respect to differential clothing requirements for men and women?

Solidarity and Sacrifice: US Athletes Fight For Equality

March 29, 2017
Blog Post

Over the last two years, both the US Women’s National Soccer and Hockey teams have asserted their collective power against seemingly discriminatory pay practices at the highest levels of both sports in the US. The athletes on both teams are good reminders of the positive social progress that often comes from collective activities. In both cases, we see groups of athletes making huge personal sacrifices in an attempt to improve the working conditions for themselves and upcoming US athletes.

Why Are Unions Good For Canadian Workers?

March 9, 2017
Blog Post

Employers and workers are often at competing ends of the same spectrum – employers are focused on the business aspect of the company, whereas workers are focused on doing a good job and earning a good salary. Obviously, increasing workload while decreasing expenses means more revenue for employers, but what about the workers? Is this a positive situation for them as well? It certainly wasn’t before the rise of the labour movement.