Uber and the Sharing Model – A Follow-up
February 25, 2016 Read Time: < 1 minute

Following up from our previous blog post on controversial ride-sharing company Uber, we thought we would share an article that breaks down the issues confronting the Quebec government at the moment, which is struggling to work out a way to regulate the service.

The article was published by Montreal think-tank Institut de recherche et d’information socio-économiques.

You can read the article (in French only) here.

Citizens’ Press have provided an English summary:

Montréal is the latest city to take on the fight against Uber. The city’s taxi drivers have taken to the streets as decision-makers are grappling with how and where to regulate the neo-capitalist service. In this article written by the Institut de recherche et d’information socio-économiques, the left-wing think tank seems to have succeeded in framing the issue better than when the fight was raging in other Canadian cities: “Uber has nothing to do with innovation. Uber is, put simply, capitalism in its most brutal form.”

Stay tuned for more updates as cities and provinces across Canada decide how to deal with Uber.

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