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Marta Siemiarczuk’s work was recently highlighted in a Law Times article by Gabrielle Giroday, “Modern parenting”. The article addresses the constantly evolving nature of modern families and how the legal community is working to catch up.

Modern Parenting

The article speaks of a recent case that Marta brought to the Ontario Superior Court, where two friends want to adopt a child they are fostering together. They are facing challenges as the Child and Family Services Act does not recognize their friendship status as an adequate relationship for adoption. Last year, Marta helped two co-mommas formalize their status as co-parents, a similar situation that highlights issues around how the law defines families (you can read about this declaration of parentage in our previous blog post).

Many important strides are being made for parents in LGBTQ+ relationships. However, with evolving family networks, such as later parenting, mixed families, solo parenting by choice, and platonic friendships, there are more legal consequences to be considered.

You can read the full article here.

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