Staying Safe on the Water: Tips to Avoid Boating Accidents

July 14, 2020
Blog Post

It is that time of year that we all look forward to and, this year, probably more than ever, after months of restricted activity during the pandemic. Thankfully it has started off to be a gloriously sunny summer and as we make our way through Ottawa, we see its residents soaking up and enjoying the… Read more »

COVID-19 Has Delayed My Surgery – What Now?

May 13, 2020
Blog Post

To prepare and respond to COVID-19, hospitals are pushing back elective surgeries. Pre-COVID-19, the Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa did 30-40 elective surgeries every day. Now, the hospital does 2-5 elective surgeries. Many people, especially cancer patients, are worried about how these delays will affect their health. What is an elective surgery? An elective surgery… Read more »

Class Action: Is it right for you?

January 18, 2019
Blog Post

People impacted by the recent OC Transpo crash may be wondering whether they are obligated to join the class action. The short answer is: you do not need to make a claim through the class action.

Barwin Fertility Case – The Many Ways People Have Been Affected

October 23, 2018
Blog Post

The case of fertility doctor Norman Barwin has affected countless individuals and families across Canada. Nelligan O’Brien Payne first commenced a class action against Dr. Barwin in 2016, alleging numerous errors in his fertility practice, including that he used his own sperm to impregnate women during fertility treatment at his clinic. Alison Motluk from the HeyReprotech Newsletter has published a list of the various kinds of discrepancies we have seen arising out of Dr. Barwin’s fertility practice.

Cannabis Legalization Part 2: Driving Impaired

October 22, 2018
Blog Post

Marijuana use was legalized in Canada this week, and while this has been over a year in the making, the many issues raised by the legalization of marijuana continue to be debated and discussed. One important aspect is how the legalization of marijuana will affect drivers. This post will look at the state of the law as it relates to drug impairment and driving, and what the repercussions are for being caught driving under the influence.