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In late 2015 Canada introduced Operation Syrian Refugees as Canada’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Now, with reports that more than one million people are already displaced amid the situation in Ukraine, Canada has introduced immigration measures to respond to the situation.

What do we know so far?

  • Immigration Canada will urgently process new and replacement passports and travel documents for citizens and permanent residents of Canada in Ukraine, so they can return to Canada at any time. This includes immediate family members accompany a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Prioritizing applications from people who currently live in Ukraine for: permanent residence, proof of citizenship, temporary residence (work permits for example) and citizenship grant for adoption.
  • Introducing new ways to contact Immigration Canada to answer questions. Nothing in place yet but expected to come soon.
  • Extending a temporary public policy that allows some visitors in Canada, including Ukrainians, to apply for a work permit from within Canada.

We will have more information about immigration measures as the situation changes.

If you have a question or concerns regarding your situation, please contact Hazem Mehrez for a consultation.



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