This was a case that attracted news coverage not only across Canada (see a CBC story here and a CTV one here), but also internationally (see the BBC story here).

Our very own Marta Siemiarczuk assisted Natasha Bakht and Lynda Collins in asking the court to declare them as co-mothers of Natasha’s son, Elaan. Natasha and Lynda are long-time friends and colleagues, but not in a relationship. Lynda has played the role of co-parent to Elaan from the very beginning. Elaan was born prematurely due to complications in utero, and at six months of age was diagnosed with a number of severe disabilities.

Marta assisted the two mothers in applying for a declaration of parentage for Lynda. Adoption wasn’t an option because Natasha and Lynda are not a couple. In November 2016, the court decided it was in Elaan’s best interest to grant the declaration of parentage to Lynda. A Canadian first!

You can learn more about the story by reading our Family Connection blog post Co-Mommas: A Historic Declaration of Parentage.

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