Elder Law

Recognizing the unique legal needs of seniors

Elder Law

Our senior population has been steadily increasing over the past fifty years. Recent statistics have shown that, for the first time, seniors make up a larger share of the population than children.

Aging gives rise to its own set of challenges and specific needs.

We recognize the size and importance of these needs and have a dedicated Elder Law Team. The group is highly specialized, and committed to advocating for elderly Canadians in a number of aspects in their lives.

What is elder law?

In a nutshell, elder law is about protecting the elderly.

It actually encompasses many legal issues that involve seniors and their families.

Elder law can include everything from discrimination in the workplace and the healthcare sector, consent and capacity issues, powers of attorney issues and estate planning, to elder abuse and housing issues.

Here are some of the services our team offers:

  • Power of Attorney and guardianship issues
  • Elder abuse
  • Separation
  • Estate planning
  • Elder law in the workplace

How can we help?

It is vital that your interests are safeguarded and protected.

Our team is here to help not only elderly Canadians, but also their carers, guardians and loved ones. Often it is not the elderly individual themselves, but a family member or friend who identifies an issue and seeks help on their behalf.

Ultimately, if you have an on-going relationship with a lawyer, they will be better able to advocate and speak to what your true interests are.

It’s the best protection that you can have.

For more information, contact us.

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