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Contract and policy reviews

Well-drafted employment contracts and workplace policies are key to employers managing expectations and entitlements during the employment relationship, and after it has ended. The significant elements covered by these important workplace documents include:

  • How and when can an employee take vacation time
  • Setting out the process to deal with workplace violence and harassment.
  • Ownership of intellectual property developed during the employment relationship
  • Protecting employer interests through non-solicitation and confidentiality
  • Defining employee notice payment entitlements in the event of termination

These are just some of the elements employers should cover in their employment contracts and workplace policies. In recent years, the law has changed considerably with respect to many of these areas, and in particular termination clauses in contracts, and post-employment obligations not to compete. Contract and policy reviews can help keep these documents up to date and appropriate to the workplace.

Furthermore, implementation of employment contracts and workplace policies is just as important as the documents themselves. Our team of experienced employment lawyers will talk to you about your particular workplace and establish an approach that is tailored to your specific needs. We can provide contracts for new hires, help you transition existing employees to revised contracts, and review and revise all workplace policies to make sure your workplace has its bases covered and is compliant with all its legal obligations.

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