Estate litigation

Estate Litigation is an intricate area of law. Legal professionals without proven experience risk creating more problems for you than they solve.

Consider the following:
  • A middle aged woman marries a recently widowed man who is decades her senior. She soon has him admitted to a retirement residence on a secure floor, with restricted access to any visitors or phone calls. Meanwhile, she has power of attorney over all his affairs.
  • Multiple siblings are in a heated dispute over the care of their 90-year-old father and who should have oversight and management of his care and his finances.
These may sound like scripts for a television drama, but they are true stories. Seniors are living longer, often with diminished capacity. Their middle-aged children find themselves in stressful and complex situations they never expected. Concerns about elder abuse and undue influence can quickly divide a family. Meanwhile, blended families with stepsiblings face tough questions about rights of inheritance and entitlement. It’s all too easy for battle lines to be drawn. Siblings get entrenched in their positions. Matters escalate as emotions run high. Family finances, and family ties, can take a beating. You need a good estate litigation legal team to achieve a fair and speedy resolution, with experience in family law and estate law. And if mediation or arbitration is not enough, you need a strong litigator in your corner, too. Few law firms have family and estate expertise under the same roof. Even fewer have estate litigators who can represent their clients at mediation, arbitration and in court. At Nelligan Law we can assist you in all three areas. This is an intricate area of law. Legal professionals without proven experience risk creating more problems for you than they solve. The financial resources a family is depending on to cover the costs of care for a loved one are often at risk. You need an experienced litigation team that can get the job done as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. We can help you with any estate-related disputepower of attorney matter, and obtaining, granting or denying access to a vulnerable loved one. If you are faced with an escalating family conflict, talk to us about how an estate litigator can help.

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