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Patent protection may be available for your inventions. To apply for a patent, full information about your invention must be supplied to the patent office of the country in which you require protection. Your applications are then reviewed by patent examiners. Upon publication or issuance, the information is made available to the public.

After the expiration of the patent protection period, which in Canada and the U.S. is 20 years, competitors may copy the invention legally.

Our intellectual property lawyers and patent agents assist entrepreneurs and businesses to secure patent protection in Canada and worldwide with the assistance of our network of foreign associates. We also provide patent audits and related strategies to ensure our clients are adequately protected in various countries, addressing current needs and future growth.

In situations of patent infringements, we are also able to provide the most cost-effective representation.

Among others, we have assisted clients with securing patent protection for the following areas:

  • Telecommunication
    • wireless communication
    • optical communication
    • high speed communication telecom
    • signaling system
  • Control systems
    • embedded system technologies
    • manufacturing automation
    • conveyor systems
  • Optics
    • optical devices, modular, system
    • illumination modules and devices
    • three dimensional image capturing device
    • three dimensional image display apparatus
  • Textiles / Fabrics
    • industrial fabrics
    • engineered fabrics
    • protective textiles
    • clothing textiles
    • sports textile
  • Defence related
    • radiation detection
    • geo-location measurement and detection
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical
    • synthetic pharmaceutical products
    • biologics
    • medical, diagnostic, or surgical devices and equipments
    • diagnostic method
  • Mechanical devices
    • green technologies
    • renewable energy
    • turbine systems
  • E-commerce
    • Web server technology
    • business methods
    • data mining and analysis
  • Digital images and signal processing
    • display modules and devices
    • digital image enhancement

If you have any questions about the protection of your patents, please click here to send us an email. Alternatively, call us at 613-238-8080 or toll free in Canada at 833-892-3331.

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