Strategic Planning for Union Leaders

Assistance and training for union administration Perhaps the most significant advantage that a union brings to its members in a workplace, is the ability to coordinate their collective strengths to be able to reach strategic goals. That kind of coordination – and even identifying the goals and strategies – can also be extremely challenging, particularly during times of great change, or in the face of uncertainties in the Canadian economy. Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP offers a full range of training and assistance in internal union administration, from help with the legal and constitutional structure of the organization, to administrative, media, and strategic planning. Our firm has worked with many unions, providing guidance with short to long term strategic goal-setting, as well as help with administrative and operational follow-up. Our expertise includes:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Union administrative structure
  • Resource analysis
  • Amalgamation issues
  • Constitutions, corporate issues
  • Mediation, conflict resolution
  • Speech writing, issue analysis
Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP also works closely with a technology partner to deliver a range of software designed specifically for unions. Together, we tailor our software to fit your union’s unique needs, ranging from membership information management, grievance or workers compensation management, to collective bargaining. For more information about union strategic planning and internal administration, including our software suites, contact Sean McGee.

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