Pam MacEachern nommée à la Cour supérieure de Justice de l’Ontario
mai 25, 2018 Read Time: 2 minutes

We are proud to announce that Pam MacEachern has been appointed to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice! She will chair the Family Court here in Ottawa.

Pam’s appointment was announced yesterday by the Department of Justice Canada. You can read the full press release here .


Peter Cronyn , partner of Nelligan O’Brien Payne, said this about Pam’s appointment:

« These are really sweet-bitter news. This is good news for Pam because this nomination is well deserved. And it’s good for our justice system, because it has become much stronger with such a wise and competent legal mind. But it is also sad news because we are going to lose one of our great lawyers and leader. Pam has always been an enthusiastic and energetic force in the firm and an incredible ambassador for the firm to the outside world. « 

This follows the honor that Pam received from the Ontario Bar Association earlier this year, when she received the Excellence Award in the Promotion of Women’s Equality. You can read more about this price here .

In support of the OBA Award, Stephanie Lewis wrote this about Pam:

« While I was here at Nelligan O’Brien Payne, I saw Pam advocate for equality issues inside and outside our office. It does so regardless of public support or popular opinion. I find his courage in this respect both admirable and inspiring. « 

Congratulations, Pam. We will certainly miss you!

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