Obtain a free copy of our Personal Injury Guide and Workbook

Over the years we have seen many individuals who have not been aware of the various sources of financial support that are available, have missed important time limitations that prevented them from obtaining full benefits, or have jeopardized their rights by signing off too early on a settlement. For those who have been seriously injured, it is important for them to have this information.

The legal problems in such cases are often complicated and require detailed information to be collected from the individual and/or family members. To facilitate the gathering of relevant information, flag various sources of assistance, and identify important issues, we have developed a Personal Injury Guide.

This guide has two main sections:

  • Information about your legal rights, important next steps, and other assistance that is available.
  • A workbook to assist you with recording relevant information.

Click on the link below for a PDF version or contact Hannah Saunders at hannah.saunders@nelliganlaw.ca or 613-231-8271 to obtain a hard copy by mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Changes to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule took effect on September 1, 2010, which affected the benefits available to those injured in motor vehicle accidents. Revised versions of our Personal Injury Guides are available and reflect these changes. If you wish to receive a copy of the revised guide by mail, please contact Hannah Saunders at hannah.saunders@nelliganlaw.ca or 613-231-8271.