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The National Trust for Canada has recently advised the Almonte Heritage Redevelopment Group that five buildings that they rehabilitated have been shortlisted for the Canada Cornerstone Award for Resilience.

The awards highlight projects that are transformative, communities that are inspiring, and historic places that are resilient – whether they are landscapes, structures, complexes, districts, communities, towns or cities.  The awards are open to anyone who is bringing historic places to life in ways that benefit people and communities.

We are pleased to highlight that our Real Estate and Development Group lead by Debbie Bellinger played a pivotal role in converting two buildings nominated for this award, by spearheading the process of turning the Victoria Woolen Mill and Thoburn Mill into functional condominiums. The team faced many challenges throughout the process requiring both legal creativity and technical construction expertise.

We are very proud of the Real Estate and Development group for their role in helping modernize these buildings while maintaining their history and heritage.

The team is currently working on the development of 73 Little Bridge Street and expect to register a third condominium in Almonte in 2020.

Big congratulations to Debbie Bellinger and the Real Estate and Development team!

Thoburn Mill
Victoria Woolen Mill

More about the history of these buildings:

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