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You have the power to give.

On Friday, August 18th members of Nelligan O’Brien Payne boarded the Canadian Blood Services “Give Life Shuttle” and headed over to the Shaw Centre to donate much needed blood. Canadian Blood Services offers this shuttle service to organizations regularly, and will come pick you up and drop you off. Ten appointments only takes 15 minutes, then you are back in the office.

NOP staff  Do you know your blood type?

As a precursor to the blood drive, the firm held a “What’s Your Type?” event in our office on July 28th. With the mere prick of the finger, a representative from the Canadian Blood Services was able to determine the blood type of our participants. Following this, donors were enlisted to sign up to ride the Give Life Shuttle on August 18th.

Do you have O- blood? O- is always in very high demand – only 7% of the population in Canada has O- blood but 100% of the population can use it! O- blood cells are compatible with all other blood types so it is used in the most critical emergency situations: from newborns to trauma patients.

How do I donate blood?

Canadian Blood Services has many clinics all over the country. There is always a donation clinic close by in your city, available to take donors daily. For a list of locations and times, and to book an appointment, click here.

Not everyone is eligible to donate. Visit the first time donors page, or fill out the online donor questionnaire to see if you qualify.

For more information on how you can support Canadian Blood Services, and donation times and locations, visit

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