Fertility Law


When you are trying to start a family through means other than conventional conception, the last thing you need to worry about are legal issues.

Estate Litigation

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Estate Litigation is an intricate area of law. Legal professionals without proven experience risk creating more problems for you than they solve. Consider the following: A middle aged woman marries a recently widowed man who is decades her senior. She soon has him admitted to a retirement residence on a secure floor, with restricted access… Read more »

Family Arbitration


You have just separated from your spouse, so what happens next? Consider Family Arbitration as fast and cost effective alternative to the traditional court process.



Representing our clients in court actions Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP is acknowledged as a leading litigation firm in Ottawa, a reputation that is echoed across Ontario and Canada. Our litigation lawyers handle the full range of legal matters and provide support to all practice groups. Our lawyers appear regularly before all levels of trial and… Read more »

Collective Bargaining


Representing public and private sector unions across Canada and internationally Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP has been representing public and private sector unions across Canada and internationally for more than four decades. During this period, Nelligan’s lawyers and consultants have played key roles in collective bargaining, ranging from spokesperson to strategist, researcher, and coach. Using custom… Read more »

Mediations and Interest Arbitration


Extensive experience in dispute resolution Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP’s lawyers and consultants have extensive experience in dispute resolution in essential services and other bargaining environments, where collective impasses are resolved through compulsory interest arbitration. Indeed, our reputation in interest arbitration has meant that, when lawyers have needed their own representatives to do an interest arbitration,… Read more »

Strategic Planning for Union Leaders


Assistance and training for union administration Perhaps the most significant advantage that a union brings to its members in a workplace, is the ability to coordinate their collective strengths to be able to reach strategic goals. That kind of coordination – and even identifying the goals and strategies – can also be extremely challenging, particularly… Read more »