Estate management is essential to ensuring that your wishes are upheld and protected. It involves good planning and a smooth transition when it comes to navigating the administration of your estate.

In addition, you and your family should be prepared in the event of a dispute.

Life is more complicated today, with blended families, common-law relationships, business interests, investments, charitable giving, dependents with disabilities, and recreational properties. These are just some of the items that should be considered when preparing your estate planning.

Our Estate Law Group has expertise in the entire life cycle of an estate. We can assist with the following stages:

1. Planning: This includes drafting wills, powers of attorney and assisting with bequests and gifts.

2. Administration: We assist trustees in all aspects of managing an estate; and

3. Litigation: Dealing with legal disputes relating to an estate or a will.

For more information about the estate planning side, take a look at our Estate Planning Guide and Estate Planning Questionnaire.

You can also check out our estate law blog, which provides lots of information on estates, wills, taxation, powers of attorney and more.

By preparing carefully today, you can ensure that you leave your loved ones with peace of mind, not costly complications.

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