Advances in reproductive technology have enabled countless women to conceive. Many woman have given birth using a donated egg (also known as an ova). This is an incredible gift from one woman to another.

While egg donation is legal in Canada, it is not without its legal complications.

Both parties should plan to have enter into a egg donor agreement. This is regardless of whether the donor is known or anonymous. In fact, some fertility clinics require such an agreement before they commence treatment (mainly for known donors).

In essence, the egg donor agreement will also clarify the relationship between the parties. It will set out who the intended parents are of the child when it is born. It will also make clear that the egg is a gift from the donor, done for altruistic reasons, and will release the donor from any responsibilities related to the child. In addition, these agreements often detail the communication expectations between the donor and the recipient, as well as relevant health information.

The in regards to egg donation is still evolving, so if you are thinking about egg donation, contact our Family Law Group. We can assist you in preparing a egg donation agreement that will respect your wishes and intentions.