Protecting an original expression

Patents, trademarks, and copyright are all different forms of intellectual property and are protected by law. A copyright is the protection provided to an original expression, such as dramatic, musical, artistic, and literary works. Computer software and websites also fall under copyright protection.

Though optional, in most situations if copyright registration is desired, a separate application is required for each country where protection is sought. Our intellectual property lawyers and agents assist individuals and businesses to secure copyright protection in Canada and worldwide with the assistance of our network of foreign associates. We also encourage our Canadian copyright owners to consider copyright protection in the United States, given our close trade ties.

Our Intellectual Property group provides a wide range of advice on issues related to ownership, licensing and usage policies, due diligence, registration, permissions, fair dealing, and infringement. We also review copyright provisions and agreements.

We represent our clients on enforcement issues and dispute resolution in the courts or copyright tribunals for a broad range of works, including multimedia and Internet, technology, software, design, advertising, and publishing.

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