Business law advice and services for IP clients

We assist entrepreneurs and start-up companies with determining the best business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation), taking into account the type of business, how many people are involved, the size of the operation, and liability and taxation considerations. We also provide guidance on various business issues related to their intellectual property, including:

  • Preparing and performing IP-related due diligence in all forms of business transactions
  • Negotiating, preparing, and managing licensing and technology transfer agreements, franchise contracts, and non-disclosure agreements
  • Advising clients on passing off (knock off imitations), parallel imports, and unfair competition matters
  • Helping clients meet applicable regulatory and competition law requirements
  • Educating businesses on the legal requirements and consequences of online activities
  • Assisting foreign companies with their relocation for expansion of their business to Canada
  • Supporting the needs of high-tech clients by assisting with financing transactions such as equity, debt, and convertible security transactions with angels and venture capital investors