Assisting union executives and members

Unions and associations have unique needs that extend beyond legal services. They require a broad, deep range of insight into the nuances of their particular organizations. To meet these needs, we are continually building and expanding our business to provide consulting expertise in this area.

Our experts can provide you with the information, advice, tips, techniques, and other services you need to approach your work with greater confidence and know-how.

Our service and expertise include:

The organized workplace is continually evolving. The increasing portability of the workplace, the assault on the public sector, the downloading of services from government to government, and many other changes, require union and association leaders to constantly stay on top of new approaches to successfully manage the concerns of their members.

Our Union Consulting group offers comprehensive services to unions and associations. Because you can draw on the experience and in-house accessibility of our lawyers and consultants, you get more value – at a lower cost.

This group works shoulder-to-shoulder with experienced labour lawyers to assist you at every step along the road to success. Together, we deliver a full range of affordable, high-value services. Explore our expanding range of services and check back regularly; we’re constantly building our business to better serve you.