We are passionate about the law, and unashamed lovers of the legal process.

Our collective team boasts experience across a wide range of practice areas. We understand that success is dependent on the right research and writing, positioning of facts and arguments, and knowing what path or angle to pursue throughout the life cycle of a case.

Our Lawyer to Lawyer team taps into that passion and expertise to provide legal consultation and support to other firms or practitioners, enabling them to provide the best possible service for their client.

Our offering is simple.

We provide consultation, legal research and writing, and in-person appearances at all stages of your case.

All services are grounded in thorough research and legal expertise.

We can support you behind the scenes, or as an active partner.

Why us?

Quite simply — we offer this service because we love it, and we are good at it. We are not the cheapest outsourced option. That said, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality work and are the right fit for complex or high-stakes cases.

Our Services:

  • SCC Agency
    • Leave to appeal
    • Materials on appeal
  • Complex Legal Opinions
    • Feasibility scoping
    • Case strategy
  • Hearing Support
    • Factum and written arguments
    • Motions
    • Memoranda
    • Pleadings
    • In-person Appearances
  • Appellate Work
    • Factum
    • Memoranda
    • In-person Appearances


Legal outsourcing is common, and there is a myriad of choices available. Below are a few questions you may have about us.

What is the process?

After we gather information about the basics of your case, we will conduct a conflict search. Once cleared, we will set up a scoping session with you to understand your case, and the nature of the support you are looking for.

Who authors the documents?

Deliverables are written by us on your behalf.

Who does the work?

All projects have at least one senior partner overseeing the work.

All lawyers on the team are called to the Ontario bar. Some of our lawyers are also called to the bar in other jurisdictions.

What does it cost?

Pricing varies according to the client needs, including hourly and block pricing models. The pricing model for all cases and projects is designed to provide value, transparency, and no surprises. This will be discussed openly with you during your initial consult and prior to starting any work.

Is the work confidential?

Work is protected by the normal rules of privilege.