When you find yourself in a legal dispute that looks like it’s headed for the courtroom, you want a strong advocate at your side.

Nelligan O’Brien Payne’s team of litigators have years of experience in representing clients in the litigation, as well as in alternative dispute resolution. Although litigation is the last resort when resolving a legal dispute, if you have to go down that path it pays to have a team of lawyers who not only genuinely care about the outcome, but have the legal skills to effectively broker a resolution.

A great litigator isn’t necessarily a subject-matter expert in your business or industry. Our team has the support of our 11 other practice groups – bench strength that’s at your disposal. Few litigation firms have this kind of diversity under one roof. To resolve your case as quickly and economically as possible, we put a team of lawyers and support staff on every file.

Litigation is a long and expensive process. Often, alternative dispute resolution will yield the same result. In reality, the vast majority of cases are settled before they ever make it to court. Mediating a fair and amicable settlement often saves time, money and grey hair for all involved. Given the choice, we’ll get on phone with that other lawyer and see if we can’t work these things out. The legal system can work quite well without the judicial system having to be involved at all.

Our litigators have experience in many areas, including:

  • Commercial litigation
    • Commercial contract disputes 
    • Debt collection
  • Real Estate Litigation
    • Property defects
    • Title disputes 
    • Purchase and sale disputes
  • Insurance Litigation
  • Construction Litigation and Construction Liens
  • Franchise, Partnership and Shareholder Litigation
  • Estate Litigation
  • Family Law Disputes
  • Other disputes