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Based on my own past experience with your firm, I always held the highest regards and respect for Nelligan Law. Your demonstrated professional attitude and response has strongly reaffirmed that fact for me.



Chris is a family law lawyer, accredited family mediator, and certified collaborative practitioner, who has been practising family law since 2009.

In court or out, Chris is comfortable finding family law solutions for you.

Chris was granted his accreditation in family mediation in 2017.  This accreditation lets Chris help those people who want to achieve their separation goals outside of court.

In addition, since 2016, Chris has been licensed by the High Conflict Institute in the New Ways for Families® program.  For people who are in this program (either voluntarily or because the court has ordered it), Chris can guide you as your lawyer.

Chris is also is a member of the The Virtual Family Law Project. The Virtual Family Law Project is a group comprised of Senior Family Law Lawyers in Ottawa who bring their expertise in arbitration, mediation and court processes to permit families to continue to work towards resolution of their family law issues outside of the public court system, using remote technology.

Before law, Chris had a career as a writer/editor who worked for a former Deputy Prime Minister and a former Governor General. In 2001, Chris received a commendation from the Privy Council Office for his management of communications during a national security crisis.

During law school, Chris contributed to the 2006 review of PIPEDA, entitled Compliance with Canadian Data Protection Laws.  In 2009, Chris completed his articles as a Privy Council Officer in the Cabinet Confidentiality branch of the Privy Council of Canada.

In court or out, Chris has a variety of problem-solving skills that he will tailor — to you.

  • Call to Ontario Bar (2009)
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Ottawa, Common Law (2008)
Professional Activities and Organizations
  • Judge, Walsh Family Law Negotiation Competition
  • Member, Collaborative Practice Ottawa (Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals)
  • Past-President, Ontario Association for Family Mediation, Ottawa Chapter (2019 – present)
  • President, Ontario Association for Family Mediation, Ottawa Chapter (2018 – 2019)
  • Member, Carleton County Law Association

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