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Based on my own past experience with your firm, I always held the highest regards and respect for Nelligan Law. Your demonstrated professional attitude and response has strongly reaffirmed that fact for me.



Lanise Hayes is a partner with Nelligan Law, and head of our Indigenous Law practice group.

She advises on a range of issues, including land management, land and building leases, local governance, Indian residential schools, economic development, hunting and fishing, and band by-laws. Lanise also works with local councils on their duties, roles and powers.

In addition to Indigenous Law, Lanise has experience in corporate, commercial, employment, privacy, human rights, criminal and bankruptcy law. She also has knowledge of government procurement, and has worked as a legal consultant in Italy. Her diverse background enables her to bring a unique perspective to any legal problem.

Lanise is dedicated to promoting the rights of her clients and resolving their legal issues. She is tenacious and committed to their cause, always ensuring they understand their legal obligations and rights. Lanise is also passionate about human rights and equality, particularly for First Nations and vulnerable people. She has also created an online magazine on Flipboard, discussing Indigenous issues which can be viewed here.

Outside of the office, Lanise is heavily involved in the local community. She volunteers for many organisations, including helping at Golf Mont Ste-Marie, assisting with ski events for Alpine Canada and Mont Ste-Marie, and creating and selling crafts for the Ottawa Humane Society. Lanise also loves playing golf and reading, and over the years has been active in local politics.

To reach Lanise, or another member of our Indigenous Law Group, call us toll-free at 1-844-628-4664.

  • Call to Québec Bar (1996)
  • LL.B. (Civil Law), Université Laval (1994)
  • Sociology and French for non-francophones, Université Laval (1991)
Professional Activities and Organizations
  • Department of Justice Human Rights Law Section Practice Group
  • Department of Justice Action Committee for Visible Minorities
  • Department of Justice Commercial Law Practice Group
Public Organizations
  • Ottawa Humane Society
  • Alpine Canada
  • Formez Italy

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