What my clients say

Marta, I can’t say enough about the professional support I have received from you and the team. It has been invaluable

I appreciate your help over the last year and am so grateful to be working with strong and professional women like both of you.


I will always recommend [you to] anyone who needs a good lawyer in cases like this because you're certainly an asset to your profession


I personally wanted to thank you for the timely and in-depth review you performed on our clients file. Your help was immeasurable.


You are a dream to work with – so grateful for you!


I can't thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I was very fortunate to have you as my lawyer. You're a credit to your profession and I would recommend you to anyone



Marta Siemiarczuk is a Partner and Head of the Family Law Group of Nelligan Law. Marta is a lawyer and arbitrator and practices in the areas of Family Law and Collaborative Family Law, Estates and Civil Litigation.

Marta has acted as a co-instructor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, for Civil Procedure and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. She is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Ottawa in Family Law. Marta is also a regular columnist on various family law topics for the Law Times.

Marta approaches her work in a client-centered manner, always striving to be efficient and to provide practical and creative solutions. She derives great satisfaction in practicing family law, as it allows her to be involved in a tangible way with her clients, and be able to make meaningful differences to their lives. And while she is dedicated and very driven, she also maintains a good sense of humour.

Marta is a member of the The Virtual Family Law Project. The Virtual Family Law Project is a group comprised of Senior Family Law Lawyers in Ottawa who bring their expertise in arbitration, mediation and court processes to permit families to continue to work towards resolution of their family law issues outside of the public court system, using remote technology.

The focus of her days outside of the office is her family, who motivate Marta to maintain a healthy perspective. Weekends find her either tinkering with renovations around the home, playing with her kids, or getting outdoors to go camping, hiking or canoeing.

  • Call to Ontario Bar (2003)
  • LL.B University of Ottawa (2002)
  • B.A. Honours (Philosophy) University of Western Ontario (1999)
Professional Activities and Organizations
  • County of Carleton Law Association
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Collaborative Law Network (Ottawa)

Authored Posts

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