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It's wedding season again, so we can all look forward to beautiful ceremonies, dresses, pictures, lavish dinners and parties. But amongst all the joviality, I find it hard not to notice how much these events cost and the exorbitant prices encouraged by the wedding industry.

Women may spend thousands of dollars on their dress, never to be used again. On the other hand, people hesitate to spend the same amount of money on a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract, which could last throughout the relationship and has real and meaningful value.

It's a good idea to talk about financial expectations before marriage – and if you decide you want your rights and obligations to be different from those imposed by the government, entering an agreement may be right for you. If you think of seeing a lawyer as part of the wedding expense, like buying your cake, it might seem more palatable.

It's just another part of the overall wedding experience!


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