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Family Law
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Employment Law for Employees
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This week our hosts talk all about electronic device monitoring in the workplace. Bill 28, passed last year, introduced the requirement for employers with over 25 employees to disclose their electronic monitoring (or lack thereof) to their staff in a written policy.
Insurance Law
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Employment Law for Employees
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Here is one of the first things new clients tell me during an initial consultation: “I’ve just been fired, and[...]
Employment Law for Employees
Reading time: < 1 mins
We’re aware of recent Shopify terminations, and our team is here to answer your questions. In this free information session,[...]

I really appreciate all of your time and hard work on my file. I always felt like things were in such excellent hands – many sincere thanks for your expertise and guidance.


We were all very impressed by how you conducted that meeting. Your expertise, your own preparations and your frank advice made a real difference.


I appreciated your professionalism, diligence and direct approach to resolving this matter and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.


"Thank you for the well written appeal submissions draft."

I have had the great pleasure of being represented, as the plaintiff, by Peter in a lawsuit culminating in an arduous six week out-of-town trial. It was a complicated multi-million dollar lawsuit against a large US Corporation. Essentially, it was a David versus Goliath endeavour. With Peter’s skills and stewardship, we prevailed.

Peter’s in depth knowledge of the file, command of the issues and experienced decorum in the courtroom were invaluable and readily apparent as well as a great source of comfort during such a stressful time.

Hopefully, I will not encounter such a conflict again but, if I did, Peter would be the first call. It is difficult to put in writing the extreme value of being represented by someone of Peter’s caliber including his dedication, intelligence, stamina and extensive “in court” experience. I believe one must view legal expenses as an investment from a cost-benefit perspective. I have no doubt that hiring Peter is one of the very best investments I have ever made.


"Thanks, Chris, for doing such a bang-up job preparing our case! You've been stellar with your wording and communication positioning. I don't need a rebate, just keep putting out the exceptional quality of work that you are. Give yourself a high-five and get some rest and relaxation that you've earned."

Thank you for being such a good lawyer to me. I really value your help.

Great job on the factum!

[Friends] asked me to recommend a good lawyer. My instinct was to turn to Nelligan O'Brien Payne. My good fortune was to find you and be able to recommend you to them. Indeed, I wanted to personally thank you for the wise, knowledgeable, courteous and effective services which you provided to [my friends]. They are very pleased and much relieved.


“I wanted to say thank you for everything you did...I had absolutely no idea what to do when presented with the Statement of Claim. Your explanations of what it all really meant and your advice were extremely helpful to me, and I might not be in the position of knowing that everything will be taken care of if it had not been for your help.”

Thank you for your work so far and how you have handled this process to date...your experience shows and your approach is very professional and comprehensive.


Thanks for all your good advice to date. ?I couldn't have got here without you!? You have been amazing!


Appreciate all of your help through this process. Feels very good to have closure.


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