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Elder Law
Reading time: < 1 mins
Breaking down financial elder abuse Financial elder abuse is an unfortunately common issue that can impact the elderly and their[...]
Employment Law for Employees
Reading time: 3 mins
If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that situations can change quickly. For businesses, this has[...]
Personal Injury
Reading time: 2 mins
In 2014 almost a quarter of a million Canadian received treatment in an Intensive care Unit (ICU) and, even before[...]
Intellectual Property Law
Reading time: 2 mins
In the world of toys, few have captured the hearts of children and adults alike as effectively as Barbie. Created[...]
Employment Law for Employees
Reading time: < 1 mins
We’re aware of recent Shopify terminations, and our team is here to answer your questions. In this free information session,[...]
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Reading time: 2 mins
Introduction One of the joys of home ownership is being able to modify and alter the structure, layout, and furnishings[...]

I suspect you may not realize how highly regarded you are by me and so many others. You are a role model for all lawyers to strive towards excellence and kindness.

-Andrea Thielk, a leading Ontario Condominium Lawyer

"Thanks again for all your awesome work on this adventure!"

My referral to you was more than I expected. You did great!! Thank you for your patience and guidance.


"We like the ethical and community approach that prevails in your organization, and I was impressed by your professionalism and your attitude towards intellectual property."

"I am speechless and blown away by the amount of work you have put into this. I can’t begin to thank you enough."

I retained Attorney Peter Cronyn, after interviewing several other lawyers, to be my legal counsel for a very complex case against my employer and some of my former colleagues. The civil litigation related to a period of my employment where I was harassed, bullied and physically and sexually assaulted at work. The legal process took many twists and turns including lengthy delays, several court appearances and motions to dismiss by the respondents.

Throughout the several years of this torturous process which made national headlines and involved interloping government acts and legislation, Mr. Cronyn was courteous, knowledgeable, and very patient with me while explaining the various obstacles in our way. Suffering from PTSD as a result of my employment this was not always an easy task for my lawyer. After five years, the case was settled to my satisfaction and I was able to move on with my life because of Mr. Peter Cronyn’s extensive legal expertise, vast court experience, and excellent negotiation and mediation skills. His kindness, honesty and professionalism are other reasons that I would highly recommend Peter Cronyn to others.


I am really so grateful. It has been an extraordinary journey and major upheaval. However, with your excellent work, your determination and perseverance, all is done and we are breathing such a sigh of relief. We are standing and breathing better than ever. Thank you again. - C

I would like to thank you for the caring and competent manner in which you handled this file on my behalf. Your hard work, preparation, dedication and skill were the things that brought this matter to a successful conclusion. John, I sincerely appreciate and thank you for all your efforts.


I'd like to thank you for your wonderful work on my behalf. You ably helped me get the financial settlement that I was entitled. I am grateful to you that you took the time to explain and comfort me during this difficult time; you alleviated my stress level and gave me a renewed sense of purpose for the future. -S.C.

"Based on my own past experience with your firm, I always held the highest regards and respect for Nelligan Law."

"You have been wonderful and very helpful through a stressful process."

"Thank you for the well written appeal submissions draft."

"If any opportunities arise to refer business to you and your firm, I will recommend you very highly. Our business relationship with you has been excellent."

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