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Family Law
Reading time: < 1 mins
A legal timeline of 2SLGBTQ+ Rights in Canada
2SLGBTQ+ rights have come a long way in Canada. Our Family Law group has created a timeline that revisits key[...]
Employment Law for Employees
Nelligan News
Reading time: < 1 mins
Malini Vijaykumar on CBC's Canada Tonight
Can employers mandate vaccines for their employees? Watch as Malini Vijaykumar joins Ginella Massa on CBC’s Canada Tonight to discuss the legal[...]
Employment Law for Employees
Reading time: 5 mins
Workplace vaccination policies – an HR minefield
The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a crushing blow to Canada’s economy. Businesses adapted as best they could, often restructuring staff and[...]
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Hiring a lawyer – how does it work?
If you have never hired a lawyer, you are probably wondering how the process works. Life events that trigger the[...]
Employment Law for Employees
Reading time: 3 mins
Work-Life Balance: Do you have the Legal Right to Disconnect?
After over a year of working from home for many Canadians, some experts are calling for the legal right to[...]
Personal Injury
Reading time: 3 mins
Social Media and Your Personal Injury Claim
How can your social media presence affect a personal injury claim? Read about a recent case where Instagram photos were used to discredit the severity of a motor vehicle injury.

Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness during my divorce. I was fortunate to have you and Pam on my side.


Based on my own past experience with your firm, I always held the highest regards and respect for Nelligan Law. Your demonstrated professional attitude and response has strongly reaffirmed that fact for me.


We thank you again for your advice and information, but above all, for caring.


Thank you Pam for your stellar work in achieving this settlement. I think it is fair and reasonable.


It was a pleasure and thank you very much for the awesome job, and settlement outcome of yesterday's mediation. I am very pleased with the settlement of the file.


Thanks Marie! It was great working with you too. I wish all claims were as smooth..you made it look so easy.


...we like the ethical and community approach that prevails in your organization, and I was impressed by your professionalism and your attitude towards intellectual property.


“Thanks for your great advice, in this short period of time you have cleared many doubts and showed a lot of knowledge and organizational skills.”

I would like to take this opportunity to than you, Andrew and Jill for the excellent services you provided me, and the very positive outcome. At all times you all were very understanding of my situation, always acted in a very professional way and clearly outlined at all times the action you would take, making very sure I understood the possible outcomes, and other options that I might have as the action proceeded with

Thank you for your support in our endeavors to serve our clients and clearly adding a substantial level of professional expertise to those relationships.


I think of you often and all you have done for me. I am so grateful! I can never thank you enough and will never forget it.


"I'm grateful for all you've done. Go forward knowing you helped fight the good fight, for two people who were really being taken advantage of. Keep it up, it's needed."


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