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COVID-19 Employment Law Helpline

If your employment situation has been affected by COVID-19, give us a call at 613-231-8334 for a free 20-minute consultation with a legal professional.
Employment Law for Employees
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The Pandemic May Not Automatically Frustrate Employment Contracts
What is Frustration of Contract? Contract frustration occurs when a contractual obligation can no longer be performed, with no fault[...]
Personal Injury
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Jessica Fullerton on CTV's Ask the Experts
Personal Injury lawyer Jessica Fullerton joins CTV’s Ask the Experts to answer view questions about social host liability when it[...]
Estates Law
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Avery Yandt on CTV's Ask the Experts
Estates lawyer Avery Yandt joins CTV’s Ask the Experts to answer view questions about estate planning, Will disputes, and Power[...]
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#ComeBackDowntown613 Campaign
Between pandemic shutdowns and recent protests, downtown Ottawa businesses have been through an incredibly challenging two years. Although protests have[...]
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Reading time: 4 mins
Crypto Confusion and Misuse of Mareva Injunctions
On February 17, the Plaintiffs in the widely reported Ottawa “Freedom Convoy” class action obtained a Mareva injunction freezing assets. [...]
Reading time: < 1 mins
Update on Canada's immigration response to the situation in Ukraine
  In late 2015 Canada introduced Operation Syrian Refugees as Canada’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Now, with[...]

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[Friends] asked me to recommend a good lawyer. My instinct was to turn to Nelligan O'Brien Payne. My good fortune was to find you and be able to recommend you to them. Indeed, I wanted to personally thank you for the wise, knowledgeable, courteous and effective services which you provided to [my friends]. They are very pleased and much relieved.


I can't thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I was very fortunate to have you as my lawyer. You're a credit to your profession and I would recommend you to anyone


“I wanted to say thank you for everything you did...I had absolutely no idea what to do when presented with the Statement of Claim. Your explanations of what it all really meant and your advice were extremely helpful to me, and I might not be in the position of knowing that everything will be taken care of if it had not been for your help.”

Thank you for all the care you always seem to take in granting me understanding and flexibility. It helps me enormously, actually. Many thanks!

Thanks so much for your hard work. Great job at keeping it out of our hair and dealing with insurance. Every few days there seems to more expenses or decreased income due to the injury, 'this is why we have a great lawyer' has become a mantra.


Thank you Chris. Your services were fantastic!


“I can’t thank you enough for all of your late hours working, taking my calls, your compassion and overall help and perseverance during this uniquely difficult time in my life. I can’t thank you enough for keeping my family together.”

Her attention to detail was reassuring and she was thorough in her research and responses. It was also a pleasure to meet and interact with her in person.

- S.S

What a great presentation! Subject-wise and time-wise, you were right on target, given all the legal questions you received at the Q and A. And this despite the fact that many attendees told me when they registered: "I don't care about the legal presentation, I am completely covered there!"They thought they only needed to learn about segregated funds! All I received was positive feedback from attendees. I hope we can collaborate again in the future.


Thanks for all of your help over the years.


"Again I can't stress enough how much my wife and myself have appreciated your expertise and your insight throughout this ordeal. Should I need legal counsel in the future I will not hesitate to contact you."

Thanks for helping me; for being in my corner during this tough time.


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