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COVID-19 Employment Law Helpline

If your employment situation has been affected by COVID-19, give us a call at 613-231-8334 for a free 20-minute consultation with a legal professional.
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
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Employment Law for Employees
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Employment Law for Employees
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Insurance Law
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Personal Injury
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How can your social media presence affect a personal injury claim? Read about a recent case where Instagram photos were used to discredit the severity of a motor vehicle injury.

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your late hours working, taking my calls, your compassion and overall help and perseverance during this uniquely difficult time in my life. I can’t thank you enough for keeping my family together.”

Your expertise and generosity are greatly appreciated and contributed to the success of our conference.


Thank you for being such a good lawyer to me. I really value your help.

"Dear Nelligan Team,

Needless to say how happy and satisfied I am with your services. What I thought was a small and seamless transaction almost ended up in a nightmare. You were all an important ingredient to the overall positive result. Thank you all and Jaimee your poise and professionalism should be noted. I will certainly continue to refer Nelligan Law to all."

"Karine is a savvy lawyer, coupled with a friendly and helpful disposition. She was able to explain complex legal issues to me in a manner that I could easily and rapidly understand. She was available to respond to my questions and was always thorough. In addition, she was clear in providing me a range of options, including always reminding me of the potential consequences of my actions."

Based on my own past experience with your firm, I always held the highest regards and respect for Nelligan Law. Your demonstrated professional attitude and response has strongly reaffirmed that fact for me.


Thanks so much for your hard work. Great job at keeping it out of our hair and dealing with insurance. Every few days there seems to more expenses or decreased income due to the injury, 'this is why we have a great lawyer' has become a mantra.


Thank you for your support in our endeavors to serve our clients and clearly adding a substantial level of professional expertise to those relationships.


I have received your opinion Marie. I thank you for all your hard work on this file, it will likely impact the way this benefit is handled moving forward.


"Rest assured that whatever I have that involves Canada going forward, it will be coming straight to Nelligan Law."

"Kyle Stout did an excellent job with our case. He did not relent until our matter was resolved and got us the best possible outcome. We will definitely use your law firm again."

"I cannot tell you how much it means to me to finally feel validated. You don’t question me about what I’m telling you, and it feels like you see it too. I mean it so much. I know you have extensive experience in conflict resolution and the importance of validation of feelings. My file is high conflict and has issues of intimate personal violence. I have had two lawyers […]. At the time [I lost my second lawyer], I was devastated to lose my solicitor of choice who had been with me for nearly three years. But I am so thankful that Chris is on my file. There has not been a single instance to date where I have not felt heard, or listened to. […] I cannot articulate how much it means to me to not have to fight to be listened to, to be validated. My only wish is that I had met Chris sooner."

"You and your team were always professional, and your advice was thoughtful and timely."(continued below)


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