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Patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, trade secrets, and domain names

Business hops borders all the time. Everyone wants to protect their secret sauce and defend their brand. This takes a strong team of intellectual property lawyers and professionals with the experience and contacts to help you wherever in the world business takes you.

Our Intellectual Property Law team may be small in numbers but vast in global reach and experience. Besides being part of Lexwork International, a trusted referral network of mid-sized, independent law firms in major cities throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, we have close working relationship with colleagues around the world for many many years.

Our patent agentstrademark agents, and intellectual property lawyers are located in Ottawa, Canada, however we have a global network of patent and trademark attorneys to meet all of your international IP needs.

Our sweet spot is working with growing Canadian startups and SMEs that understand the need to protect and maximize the value of their Intellectual Property assets, including patent, trademark, industrial design, and copyright. Through Lexwork and other global referrals, we also act for many foreign enterprises that require counsel on Canadian Intellectual Property matters. We help our clients secure their Intellectual Property rights and resolve Intellectual Property legal disputes.

As an independent Ottawa-based firm, we can resist the pressure of charging the higher fees typical of other firms. We’re just down the street from federal government departments and agencies, like the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Our diverse team is fluent in English, Japanese and Chinese and competent in French and Spanish. We take pride in building long-term and personal relationships with our clients. They can pick up the phone and ask us questions without having to worry that it’s going to result in a bill.

Outstanding customer service is our key differentiator. This is reflected in how accurately we cost out scopes of work, the volume of communication we maintain with our clients, and how we make time to visit their businesses to truly understand what makes them tick. This even includes jumping on an airplane and crossing an ocean.

And since we are part of a full-service firm, we can provide our clients with easy access to legal expertise from other practice areas.

Let’s talk about how we can beef up your Intellectual Property strategy to support the growth of your business.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing clients’ products, services and technologies to ensure adequate Intellectual Property protection is obtained;
  • Providing analysis and legal opinions relating to the acquisition, validity and infringement relating to all types of Intellectual Property rights;
  • Drafting and prosecuting applications for obtaining Intellectual Property rights in Canada and other countries, including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, and domain names in order to safeguard the proprietary interests;
  • Assessment and procurement of Intellectual Property assets, including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, integrated circuit designs, and trade secrets; and
  • Advising, negotiating, preparing, and managing Intellectual Property licensing and transfer agreements, franchise contracts, non-disclosure agreements, etc. in order to maximize value of your Intellectual Property assets.

If you have any questions regarding the protection of your intellectual property, please click here to send us an email. Alternatively, call us at 613-238-8080 or toll free at 833-892-3331 (Canada).

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