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Business Lawyers

Create, scale and protect a thriving business

Business Lawyers

Advisory on Conflict of Interest (COI) and Corporate Ethics

Working Visas and Business Permits for Immigrants

Sector-Specific Legal Expertise

International Business Law and Global Market Entry

Municipal, Land Development, and Zoning

Non-Profit and Charitable Organization Support

Franchising, Licensing, and Intellectual Property

Class Action Defense

Organizational Governance

Immigration and Business Integration

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Business Sales

Business Formation and Structuring

Empowering Business Excellence in Ottawa, Quebec, and Eastern Ontario

Our customized legal solutions empower businesses, non-profits, and organizations to excel with experienced professionals delivering services tailored to every specific need. We’re your indispensable legal ally with a profound commitment to understanding your business through and through.

We offer diverse expertise and innovative approaches, ensuring expert guidance for your distinct challenges. Our deep grasp of your business aspirations allows us to formulate strategic solutions that align with your goals.

Leveraging our prominent presence in Ottawa, Quebec, and Eastern Ontario, we provide insights into the local business milieu, foreseeing opportunities and challenges. Our extensive services cover business formation, legal changes, contractual agreements, mergers, acquisitions, and more. We maintain close relationships with industry experts to extend our services beyond legal advice, fostering your business success.

Internationally, through Hazem Mehrez and the Lexwork network, we extend our reach to assist clients globally, especially in the Gulf area and North Africa. Hazem specializes in international business law, immigration, and assisting foreign entities and investors.


Embark on Your Business Journey With Us

Partner with Nelligan’s Business Group for dedicated legal support that nurtures your growth and prosperity. Reach out to us to craft a legal strategy that meets your business goals.

Realize your business’s full potential with Nelligan’s Business Law Group.

Case Highlights

We handle significant legal matters, from shareholder disputes to complex commercial litigation. Our expertise spans a variety of sectors and includes advising on governance, contractual obligations, and regulatory compliance. We ensure diligent representation in legal disputes, prioritize governance best practices, and provide comprehensive advisory on board and shareholder relations.

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