Commercial leases during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 27, 2020
Blog Post

These last weeks have been tough for Ottawa’s businesses. The coming weeks hold limited promise of improvement. My February 1st edition of The Economist carried the headline “How Bad Will It Get?”. They’re now at “The Business of Survival”. Watching, in real time, businesses that were thriving in January being severely wounded in March, some with life expectancy expiring in May… Read more »

Cancelling contracts and obligations – is COVID-19 a “Force Majeure” situation?

March 20, 2020
Blog Post

With the COVID-19 pandemic and preventive measures being implemented by Canadian authorities, many are are worried about how contracts and obligations will be impacted. For the March break, I had booked day camps for my kids. With the current situation, and before the Ontario government declared a state of emergency, I called to cancel their… Read more »

How to protect yourself during a business breakup

September 25, 2018
Blog Post

Like any relationship, business partnerships can be susceptible to disagreements. And just like the breakdown of a marriage or common-law relationship, business breakups can be painful and costly. What are some steps you can take to protect yourself if your business partnership fizzles out?

David Contant Interviewed By Canadian Underwriter

April 26, 2018
Blog Post

In the wake of tragedies such as the van attack in Toronto early this week, it is natural for people to think about whether it could have been prevented. Our very own David Contant was interviewed on Tuesday for an article in Canadian Underwriter. He spoke about the liability of the rental company that had leased out the van that was used in the attack, as well as implications for insurers.

Top 6 Risks to Avoid for Online Businesses

October 26, 2017
Blog Post

Statistics Canada reported earlier this year that retail sales in general increased by 4.7% year over year, but e-commerce retail sales increased by a whopping 41.6% over the same period. However, in the rush to get into this burgeoning market, it is also easy to overlook some of the risks.