Polyamorous relationships and the best interests of the child

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August 23, 2018
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The law is getting better at acknowledging and protecting family configurations that range beyond the nuclear, such as single parents and same-sex parents. However, there are some family units that the law has been slow to recognise. A case before the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court looked at three adults in a polyamorous relationship.

Bill C-78 – Modernizing Family Law in Canada

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May 25, 2018
Read Time: < 1 minute

What is Bill C-78 and how does it update divorce law in Canada? Our latest Family Law blog post looks at the introduction of this bill, and what changes it proposes to family law legislation.

Can the Sale of the Family Home Impact the Best Interests of the Children?

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October 11, 2017
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A house becomes more than just four walls and a roof when you put a family in it. It becomes a home; a place where family members – especially children – can feel safe and supported. However, the family home often becomes an issue after a separation. Who gets to live there? Should it be sold so that everyone can move on?

New Legislation Means Children Conceived After Death May Be Able To Inherit And Claim Dependent’s Relief

Blog Post
December 21, 2016
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  Can children be conceived by a person even after he or she has passed away? The answer is: yes. As the Ontario legislature has aptly recognized, many individuals are freezing their reproductive material, which may be used to conceive children after a person’s death. The newly introduced Bill 28: All Families Are Equal Act… Read more »