Estate Planning for the Modern Family: How to Avoid Litigation

October 26, 2018
Read Time: 5 minutes

Estate planning has only become more complicated in today’s modern society of remarriages, second families, and non-traditional relationships. The desire to ensure the well-being of a second spouse or common-law partner after your death may conflict with your goals to ultimately benefit and provide for your children from previous relationships. And you will no doubt want to avoid a scenario where your loved ones are left fighting over money after your death. How do you do this?

Separating love from business: Legal tips on how to manage your assets alongside family life

Blog Post
May 7, 2018
Read Time: 4 minutes

The balance between life and work has long been a struggle for professionals. And things tend to become all the more complicated when assets – whether in the form of company shares, investments, real estate or otherwise – are brought into the equation. While most people don’t enter into a romantic partnership planning for it to end, breakups nevertheless do happen. And when not managed properly, they can be financially devastating.

Dependant Relief and Defining Relationships

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March 6, 2018
Read Time: 3 minutes

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision, Stajduhar v. Wolfe, hinged on the relationship between the deceased and the claimant: specifically, how long they had lived together, if at all.