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Employment Law for Employees
Reading time: < 1 mins
What’s got us all worked up this week? Recording conversations in the workplace of course!
Estates Law
Reading time: < 1 mins
Can a child contest a Will if they have been excluded from it? Estates lawyer Ray Murray discusses various scenarios in which Wills can be contested, as well as factors that can go into invalidating a Will.
Insurance Law
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What is homeowner’s insurance? Hamish Mills-McEwan explains homeowner’s insurance, as well as what a homeowner’s insurance can cover in addition to property damage.
Personal Injury
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What are accident benefits? Personal Injury lawyer Hamish Mills-McEwan explains accident benefits and outlines what your own insurance policy can cover in the event of a car accident. He also discusses what you, as a pedestrian, are entitled to in the event of a vehicle collision.
Employment Law for Employees
Reading time: < 1 mins
This week we are talking all about Just Cause dismissals - not to be confused with being terminated "just cuz". In reality, it is pretty rare to be terminated for cause, i.e a clear reason, in the workplace. But in cases when an employees behaviour is problematic enough, the employer actually has the duty to end their employment as soon as possible.
Employment Law for Employers
Reading time: 2 mins
Increasing numbers of employees are struggling with mental illness and addictions in today’s workplaces. The symptoms related to these types[...]

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