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International Affiliation

Proud member of Lexwork International

This association of mid-sized independent law firms has offices in major cities located across North America, South and Central America, Europe, Russia, and Pacific/Asia. This law firm network is a cost-effective and efficient solution to address the international needs of clients.

Our clients with legal needs in foreign countries can be referred to firms that are knowledgeable about local laws, regulations, and local customs. Because we make the initial contact with network members on behalf of our clients, the transition to a law firm in a new jurisdiction is greatly simplified.

As more of our clients expand their businesses regionally, nationally, and internationally, we can meet their growing needs by calling upon these networks of select, client-focused law firms. Our affiliation with Lexwork International provides our lawyers with priority access to over 7,500 lawyers across the globe who can assist our clients.

At a time when legal services are becoming more expensive and less personal, the members of this network remains committed to providing clients with high quality, cost-effective advice and legal representation.

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