Blackberry Class Action

In February 2017, the firm started a class action against BlackBerry on behalf of a group of employees. Nelligan O’Brien Payne employment lawyers Janice Payne, Andrew Reinholdt and Karine Dion are working on the action.

The dispute concerns over 300 employees across Canada who were transferred from BlackBerry to a business partner, and effectively terminated from BlackBerry. However, BlackBerry has stated that it will not pay employees any of the statutory, common law, and/or contractual entitlements they are owed for the termination. We are seeking damages for the plaintiffs for minimum provincial statutory entitlements on termination, contractual entitlements on termination, and/or common law entitlements on termination. We are also asking for bad faith and punitive damages, as well as costs.

We are currently in the very early stages of this action, but stayed tuned for further developments! Click here for more details

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