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O’Farrell and RCMP settlement

In April 2017, the firm assisted Ms. Caroline O’Farrell to reach a settlement with the RCMP over treatment she received while she was a member of the Musical Ride.

Our very own Peter Cronyn represented Ms. O’Farrell, who suffered numerous incidents of abuse, harassment, assault and sexual assault. The lawsuit began in 2013, and was mired in legal battles until recently. The details of the settlement are confidential and by the terms of the agreement cannot be disclosed, but it was a significant victory.

In a statement, Ms. O’Farrell said: “I am happy to see that women in the RCMP are finally being compensated for the many wrongs that have occurred over the years.  It is time to heal these wounds and to make sure that our working environment is safe, fair and free of harassment, bullying and intimidation for all members of the Force.”

To read more about the case, see our media release here.


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