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Litigation / Property and construction disputes

Our Litigation Group has specialised experience dealing with all kinds of property disputes. We are a team of experienced litigators, motivated to advocate on your behalf at mediation or in the courtroom to resolve a dispute relating to property or construction.

These disputes could range from relatively minor cases such as patent defects when purchasing a new home or disagreements between neighbours over an easement, to larger issues such as deficiencies in the construction of a commercial building, where millions of dollars are on the line. We can also assist in resolving boundary disputes, charting a course that should satisfy all interested parties.

In addition, we have significant experience with construction liens, an area of law that is complex and often a legal minefield for many people. You would be well-advised to seek legal advice in this area, as it is important not only to have sound counsel from you lawyer, but also to act as quickly as possible to preserve your interests.

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