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As an Estate Trustee, you are primarily responsible for the administration of the estate. One of your duties is to make sure that any outstanding debts owed by the deceased are paid from the assets of the estate. To ensure that you have found all the potential creditors of the estate, and to avoid personal liability, an Estate Trustee should advertise for creditors.

In the past, Estate Trustees would publish a notice to creditors in the local newspaper where the deceased lived. As the world of technology grows, the readership of print newspapers has shrunk. Publishing for creditors in a newspaper might not be as effective as it once was. A new service, NoticeConnect, is now making it possible to advertise for creditors online.

The service is highly effective at getting the word out there. As the NoticeConnect website explains:

Publishing on NoticeConnect lists the advertisement on our database for 365 days and automatically broadcasts the advertisement on major social media platforms.

Most importantly, this information is indexed to Google, meaning that the legal notice is discoverable and accessible to anyone conducting an internet search – i.e. creditors and other interested parties can find the notice even if they are unfamiliar with NoticeConnect”.

Further information on the service provided by NoticeConnect can be found on their website (

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