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Are your employees happy? It may or may not be something that you have put much thought into as an employer, but it likely should be. Keeping employees happy is a proactive way to increase engagement and performance, as well as mitigate risk. Why? Because happy employees are motivated to work and less likely to take action against their employer.

Here are five recent examples of articles from our Workplace Matters online magazine that focus on employee happiness:

1. Employees Who Feel Love Perform Better – The premise of this article is that emotional culture plays a critical role on employee wellbeing and performance. The more love employees feel at work, the more engaged they will be.

2. How to Increase Productivity by Employee Happiness – This article provides tips on how to maximize your efforts at increasing workplace happiness by rewarding employees frequently using a variety of means, providing relaxing work environments and focusing on achievement.

3. How to Use Food to Make Your Employees Happier – A light take on engaging your employees and increase performance through food, one of the most basic human needs.

4. The Happier Workplace – This author explores how flexible work hours and arrangements outside the impersonal and distracting cubicle environment can increase employee happiness by allowing them to choose how they work and perform best.

5. How Giving Thanks Can Make You a Better Leader – Giving thanks can be a powerful tool for increasing happiness, motivating employees and encouraging innovation, and should be considered a fundamental leadership competency. The take away for managers – learn to say ‘thank-you’ in a meaningful way.

What does happiness mean for employers? Taking the lead and creating a culture and work environment that promotes happier, more engaged and productive employees. The payoffs in terms of increased performance and reduced legal risk are well worth the effort.

Stay tuned for more interesting articles, we hope you are enjoying the magazine! If you haven’t subscribed to our Workplace Matters online magazine on Flipboard yet, it’s definitely worth a look.

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