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Immigration and Business Integration

Streamline your business’s entry into Canada.


Why It’s Essential

Incorporating global talent and operations is key to your business’s growth in Canada, involving more than legal compliance—it’s about adapting to the Canadian marketplace and culture effectively.


Our Services

Startup Visa Program: Comprehensive assistance throughout the application process, ensuring your business fulfills all criteria for a successful launch in Canada.

Work Permits: We facilitate obtaining work permits for your essential international staff, smoothing their legal employment within your business.

Business Establishment: End-to-end support for setting up your business, from corporate structuring to navigating Canadian business laws and market entry strategies.

Integration Support: Tailored services to help integrate your business operations into the Canadian context, including tax, employment law, and networking.

Real Estate and Location: Partnering with real estate experts to find your ideal business location and ensure regulatory compliance.


Get Started

Nelligan Law is your partner in transforming your Canadian business ambitions into successful ventures. Connect with us for dedicated support in immigration and business integration.

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